What are the benefits of local meat? Meat is an essential part of many people’s shopping lists, but what are the benefits of buying your meat locally compared to simply chucking a few things in the trolley on your weekly shop?  Truth be told, there are advantages for both your health and the health of the environment! Not all meat is created equal! Although supermarket meat is of course a viable option, local butchers can give your meals an added ‘oomph’, all while benefitting your surrounding area and giving you some nutritional advantages too!


5 Benefits of local meat sourcing


1. Supporting local farmers and the community

Buying meat locally has the holistic benefit of helping your local community. When you’re giving your money to a large chain it’s sometimes hard to think how that money will benefit anyone around you. But, when you buy from your local butcher, that money is very likely to be re-invested in your community. And immediately, you are helping a local business! Good for the soul. When you buy from Martins Meats, for instance, you are directly supporting the livelihoods of the farmers who raise the cattle and the butchers that process the meat. It’s these purchases that keep family farms viable.

2. Fresher and healthier cuts

Eating locally sourced meat is often fresher, there is no need for long transport from a distant farm to a supermarket – the meat is raised in your neighbourhood. Local meat is processed and packaged much quicker, passing on additional nutritional benefits, and preserving the quality.

3. Better-tasting meat

Perhaps most importantly, the meat is likely to taste better too! Local butchers like Martins Meats take great care in selecting the best cuts and aging them properly for tenderness. We have a special Himalayan Rock Salt Chamber designed to enhance the flavour while aging the meat. Of course, this is just one specialised type of meat aging. You will have to enquire with your own local butcher to see what they are most proud of!

4. Sustainable and ethical farming practices

Among the benefits of local meat, this one has the longest-lasting effects. Instead of just having an incredibly tasty meal, with Martins Meats you are also helping the overall carbon footprint of beef and other cuts. For the environmentally minded, meat co2 emissions will also be relatively lower due to less travel and storage needs. You can lower your own personal carbon footprint by shopping locally.

5. Know your food 

When going to your local butchers, you can ask about their practices and be confident that their cattle have been raised in sustainable and humane ways. You can get deep into it: You can learn about the feed given to the cattle, and the aging process – a good butcher will be happy to oblige, it is their livelihood after all! This gives you a deeper understanding and appreciation for how your food was raised to how it got to your dinner table. It’s always good to make informed choices about what you put in your body!


Final thoughts on the benefits of eating local food

Longhorn Ribeye Steak

Dry aged Longhorn ribeye steak from Martins Meats

Hopefully, by now, you can see the main overarching benefits of local meat. We hope the next thing you do is type ‘local meat farms near me’ into google! So, is buying meat from butchers better than picking up a joint at your local supermarket? We think so! The benefits of local meat are numerous – you support your local farmers, your meat is fresher and healthier, and it tastes better! Not only that, but you are practicing a more ethical and sustainable style of eating, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Supporting local businesses such as Martins Meats, not only benefits the local community, but the wider environment, and your personal health. If you want to know more about the benefits of local meat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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