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What to do with your Christmas Leftovers

We are all guilty of preparing and serving far too much food for Christmas dinner, and whilst many of us still manage to overindulge at the dinner table, there is often still plenty left over for the next few days up until the new year. Especially on Boxing Day,...

What to do with your Christmas Leftovers

The Best Meat for Christmas Dinner 2022

It’s a common misconception that turkey is the must have meat for Christmas dinner, however, we are here to tell you that definitely is not the case! While turkey is a firm favourite amongst many British households, it is not the only option. So, if you’d like to...

The best meats for Christmas Dinner

Martins Meats at the Great Taste Awards 2022

Here's what people had to say about the meat at Martins Meats! Lamb Hogget Chops (3-Star) A fabulous looking chop with a good level of fat. The moist, succulent flesh melts in the mouth, releasing an excellent flavour profile, rich with clean lamb taste.  It has...

Great taste award cooked meat

Dry Ageing vs Wet Ageing Meat

While us humans have been dry ageing meat for hundreds of years, wet ageing has only recently become possible due to the widespread emergence of plastic and vacuum-sealing processes. The primary purpose of ageing meat using the methods that we do is that the meat...


Mother’s Day Recipe Ideas

Now is that time of the year when we get to spoil the most special lady in our lives; our mothers! Succulent substitutes abound in combination with some timeless classics that are sure to impress Mum later this month. So in keeping with this most special of...


Our delicious Martins meat delivery service

Here at Martins Meats, we've been developing our meat delivery service for quite some time.  We know that our lovely customers love our produce and are keen to receive it at its freshest and most succulent and flavoursome.  Whether you can get into our store or...


Valentines Day Recipe Ideas

Here at Martins Meats, we know a thing or two about meat and poultry!  Looking forward to February, we've got some great..... Valentine’s Day recipe ideas for you for 2022! Longhorn Cote De Boeuf Our Cote de Boeuf is a prime cut from our very own Longhorn grass-fed...

Valentines day recipe ideas

Cooking the Perfect Christmas Turkey

With the countdown to Christmas well under way, we’re now turning our thoughts to preparing and cooking the perfect turkey.  There’s nothing so disastrous and disappointing than the centre piece of your festive fayre being dried out from over cooking, or under...


Martins Meats – Bespoke Dry-Aging

Here at Martins Meats, we offer our customers the unique option to choose how long their beef is aged for. Whether you are looking for a Rib of Beef for Sunday lunch, or steaks for a stay-at-home Friday night, you can select your preferred aging time (35, 70 or 100...

dry aged

Christmas Offers

With Christmas just about 1 month away, it’s time to start planning your Christmas food!  Whether you’re having a festive feast for 20 or a scaled-back version for 2, Martins Meats will fit the bill for all your poultry and meat needs. We’ve put together our...


5 reasons why grass fed beef is better for us?

There's been a lot of interest over the last few years concerning the treatment of our cattle and the amount of toxic waste the industry contributes to climate change.  Industrialised cattle farms use feeds containing cereal and soy (collectively known as 'grain')...


Our Simple and Easy BBQ Smoker Guide

When it comes to cooking meat, there are several ways in which you can do so and of course, there are various pieces of equipment you can use to cook with. This includes BBQ Smokers. If you are unsure as to what a BBQ Smoker is, how to use it or how it compares to...

Martins Meats Blog Header BBQ Smoker August 2021

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Steak is a cut of meat that is generally sliced across the muscle fibres, it can refer to meat from various grazing animals but in this instance, we are talking about the delicious longhorn beef steak. A quality, well-cooked steak is one of the purest carnivorous...

Cooking the perfect steak

What is Dry aged Beef?

Dry aged is a term you will have likely heard when talking about beef but what exactly is dry aged beef and what is so great about it? An ageing process can be applied to many food and drink products including wine, cheese and red meat. The objective is to enhance...


Understanding the Food Label on your Meat

For shoppers it can be challenging to navigate their way around all the different food labels that appear on meat. It is important to many of us that we understand where our meat has come from and the standards it meets, so that we may make an informed decision on...


A Guide to Beef Cuts: Choosing the Right One

You are most likely familiar with the different beef cuts you can get. Rump, Fillet, T-Bone, Sirloin to name a few. While one key difference between the cuts is the price tag, there are other differences we think you should know. The Beef Cuts: Fillet This is one...

Beef Cuts

Our 4 Favourite Beef Recipes

We are huge advocates of a hearty beef recipe and it’s no wonder when our Long-horn beef tastes SO good! Beef is a fantastic source of protein (26g per 100g of beef), Vitamin B-6, Iron and Cobalamin. Plus, it’s versatile and works wonderfully with a variety of...

Beef Recipe
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