With Christmas just about 1 month away, it’s time to start planning your Christmas food!  Whether you’re having a festive feast for 20 or a scaled-back version for 2, Martins Meats will fit the bill for all your poultry and meat needs.

We’ve put together our Christmas hampers that are extremely good value and contain a range of high-quality meats and poultry.

Deluxe Christmas Hamper

Our deluxe Christmas Hamper contains all the meats and poultry you’ll need to make your festive banquet sensational!

  • 1 x 3kg boned, rolled, boneless Turkey Butterfly
  • 1 x 2kg Cotswold, 28 day dry-aged in a Himalayan Salt Chamber, rolled Topside
  • 1 x 2.5/3kg Gammon
  • 500g Chipolatas
  • 500g Rindless Back Bacon

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Standard Christmas Box

Perfect for the smaller Christmas gathering.

  • 1 x 2kg boned, rolled Turkey Butterfly
  • 1 x 2kg Cotswold, 28 day dry-aged in a Himalayan Salt Chamber, rolled Topside
  • 500g Chipolatas
  • 500g Rindless Back Bacon

All our turkeys selected for our deluxe hampers and Christmas boxes are free-range whilst our beef is Cotswold and our pork is sourced from the Rare breed Gloucester Old Spot or Middle White pigs.

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If your festive fayre centres around your turkey, we offer a choice of free-range white or bronze turkey and turkey butterflies.

Free Range White Turkey

Our traditional breed white turkeys produce tender and succulent meat. Although slightly less flavoursome than our bronze turkey, they have remained a firm favourite with many of our customers.

All our turkeys are Free Range, meaning that they’re reared in small flocks and can access open fields where they can exercise and forage in the grass for small bugs to supplement their grain fed diet.

Their diet produces a meat with higher levels of omega 3 fat which has been shown to regulate cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

The way these turkeys are reared ensures the birds are less stressed, which results in a more flavoursome and succulent meat.

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Free Range Bronze Turkey

These turkeys are named after their beautiful bronzed sheen feathers. The breed dates back to the eighteenth century.  Reared slowly and not intensively farmed it produces a fuller flavoured, succulent meat.

Free range bronze turkeys will take centre stage at any Christmas dinner table.  Your guests will be impressed by the quality and the taste! In fact, this is the Martin’s family choice for our Christmas fayre this year!

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Turkey Butterfly

If you love succulent turkey breast, want reduced cooking time and no waste then the turkey butterfly is for you. The Turkey Butterfly is purely boneless rolled breast meat.

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Pigs in Blankets

Our premium Gloucester Old Spot chipolata sausages wrapped in our Gold Star Award winning bacon in The Taste Of the West 2015. Our chipolatas are much bigger than average chipolatas as they’re handmade.

Dry matured on the bone for 6 days in Himalayan Salt Chamber and hand dry-cured with our own special blend of brown sugar and salt for 10 day

All our pork is from the rare breeds of Gloucester Old Spot and Native breed pigs sourced from farms in the Gloucestershire and Cotswolds. The pigs are able to roam freely in a stress free environment which produces a more flavoursome meat. The meat is then dry-aged in our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber for 6 days.

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Get your orders in as soon as possible – once our stock’s gone, it’s gone!  Just give us a call on 01242 621 493 or order online www.martinsmeats.com

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