At Martins Meats our award-winning status hasn’t been achieved through just luck. We were founded on the ambition of providing restaurants with locally sourced meat, from British farmers. That ambition has grown to delivering quality, local meat direct to people’s homes.

Having grown up on farms, visiting cattle markets from the age of 16, Martin has developed an eye for quality meat. He has built the business on the foundations of good relationships with local farmers. This ensures the meat we sell; we know its story.

There are many benefits to sourcing meat from local, British farmers. Here are just a few:

  1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Emissions from beef production in the UK are about half the global average. British farmers have high standards of production and aim to farm in the most climate friendly way. Plus, by purchasing locally we cut down on mileage for transport. We also ensure our delivery methods are as efficient as possible to reduce unnecessary travel.

  1. Supports Local Communities

Sourcing our meat from local farm helps those farmers fund their living and keeps your money within your community. It supports more local jobs and helps build the infrastructure of your community.

  1. Knowledge of the Produce

We know exactly where the meat has come from. We have extensive knowledge of the farms, their methods and can ensure we only provide the very best quality meat. It’s important to us that the meat we source for our customers is sustainable and produced for quality and not quantity.

  1. Tastes Better

At Martins Meats we choose the Cotswold reared Longhorn and Native Breeds such as Belted Galloway, Red Devons and Dexters. This has been proven to provide the very best steak. By buying locally and from our own farm, we can ensure that they are sustainably raised, free-range and grass-fed. This way of cattle rearing is known to produce a far superior taste than their industrial farm counterparts.

  1. More Budget-Friendly

Not only do we source meat locally, but we also utilise a local abattoir, to support another local business and reduce our miles. This also means we can provide our meat at the very best price for our customers. We are also extremely cautious to reduce the amount of waste, even down to using the bones.


Our beef, pork and lamb are all sourced from local Gloucestershire and Cotswold farms. Our poultry is 100% British and we have ensured to do extensive research into the methods and experience of the farm that we source from.

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