We are all guilty of preparing and serving far too much food for Christmas dinner, and whilst many of us still manage to overindulge at the dinner table, there is often still plenty left over for the next few days up until the new year.

Especially on Boxing Day, many of us like to serve up a food platter of the Christmas leftovers, acting as a Christmas buffet for all to enjoy. But if you are not one to put on a spread, here are some other alternatives you can choose from when it comes to your Christmas leftovers, ones that are so simple and require very little, to no effort at all!


Throw is all in a sandwich! We all know how good things taste between two pieces of bread and butter, and the same goes for your Christmas dinner! Especially here in Britain, we have a reputation for our sandwiches and the weird and whacky items we like to place between the slices! From crisps and chip butties to ketchup and salad items, sandwiches can be your best friend for the rest of 2022.

Try it all or keep it simple with a turkey and stuffing sandwich, perhaps with a bit of cranberry. You could even warm up the pigs in blankets (if there’s any left!) and have a delicious breakfast sandwich of sausages and bacon. Especially with some of us heading back to work as soon as Boxing Day, you can fill up your lunch box with some delicious sandwich choices.

Delicious Recipes for Christmas Leftovers

Some of the most popular items left over after Christmas usually include crisps, sweets, chocolate, meat, savoury items and nuts. This may not sound like the ideal list for a recipe, but you would be surprised with what you can muster together with all this spare time on your hands!

Why not experiment with some cooking recipes and techniques online and cook up the ultimate dinner for you and the family to enjoy. You can check out a range of Christmas recipes using these links below:






Make The Most Of Your Turkey Crown

If you are anything like me, then you will carve the whole turkey crown on Christmas Day and be left with a mountain of meat to plate up. And because of this, every year, 7.9m slices (263,000 turkeys) are wasted after they are thrown out after Christmas. Because people are full and cannot bare the site of food after stuffing themselves silly all day, they will resort to throwing it rather that saving it for another time.

To prevent yours going to waste, carve any leftovers straight away, cool to room temperature and then transfer to an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. This way, they can be kept for that extra bit longer, to be used in these options we have given you such as homemade recipes and sandwiches.

Not A Turkey Kind Of Family? No Problem!

We have spoke a lot about turkey in this blog, and we understand turkey isn’t for everyone. Some of you will prefer the flavours of beef, gammon, lamb or chicken! Thick slices of gammon and ham are the perfect base for a hearty brunch to set you up for full-on family days and chilly winter walks. Chop into an omelette or use alongside some steamed vegetables you stocked up on. There is plenty of variety when it comes to other meats.

We hope you have found the perfect alternative to use this Christmas for your leftovers. Everyone knows Christmas is all about the leftovers, but this year why not be a little more creative with those delicious festive morsels? According to Unilever’s Project Sunlight, 4.2 million Christmas dinners are wasted every year – so don’t let yours be one of them! If you are in need of some succulent meat this Christmas, then check out our online shop here.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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