Whole Dry Aged Beef Fillet

Our Whole Beef Fillet is from Native breeds of grass fed cattle. Native breeds are not intensively farmed and produce a finer grained muscle in the meat and an intense marbling of fat which creates a succulence and flavour that is second to none. This is enhanced by our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber, where the meat is dry aged for 30 days standard or you can requested longer, up to 100 days if you prefer a much stronger dry aged flavour. The Dryageing process draws out the moisture and enhancing the flavour.

Approx. 2.2kg to 2.5kg whole dry aged fillet, when trimmed and prepped ready to cook, actual meat weight approx. 1.5kg to 1.8kg. total price £98.00

The most tender of all the steak cuts . Very fine grain with light marble speckling. Best served whole or cut into thick steaks.


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