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Locally produced, award winning meat

Martins Meats was founded in 2003, when Martin spotted a gap in the market for locally produced meat in the restaurant trade. It was, in many ways an extension of Martins family business of farming and livestock haulage here in Gloucestershire.

Over the years Martin has built good relationships with local farmers, meaning he has been successful in sourcing meat from not just his own family farm, but from other farm assured farms in the Cotswolds and the Southwest.

Martins Meats pride themselves on their supply of the finest, locally produced meat in Gloucestershire with a speciality in dry matured meat. Our beef comes from Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and South Devon native cattle. Our specialised process involves hanging the beef for 28 days (as a minimum), to ensure the meat is tender with exceptional flavour.

Our commitment to provide the most delicious, high-quality meat has take us from strength to strength. Martins Meats now supplies many of Cheltenham and Gloucester’s finest restaurants, as well as much further afield in the UK’s capital, London.  Over the years we have received recognition for the quality and taste of our meat, winning numerous awards.

Longhorn Dry Aged Rib of Beef

Ever wondered what the dry-ageing process looks like over 40 days? Here is our rib of beef dry-aged in our Himalayan salt chamber, drawing out the moisture and enhancing the flavour of this longhorn rib. When ordering you can request in the comments from 35 days up to 100 days salt aged. Standard aged is 35-40 days as shown here in this demonstration video. Check the link in our below to order yours in time for Christmas today!

Cotswold reared Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford Beef

In 2006, famous chef, Heston Blumenthal carried out an investigation into which breed of cattle produced the best steak. Heston found the Longhorn to be the clear winner, stating “The Longhorn has it all for me, marvellous moisture and juiciness, alongside a firm but giving texture”. This is one of the many reasons we use Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus for our steaks and beef.

Our family heritage is in farming and we take pride in ensuring our herd are the picture of health and happiness, grazing freely on our farm in the North Cotswolds. Their stress-free life results in the finest, multi-award-winning beef.

The “proper” Longhorn rib was extremely well-received. The marbling of juicy fat came in for high praise, while judges also commented on the tenderness and flavour, which was assisted by plenty of fat running through the meat.

With comments including “melts in the mouth” and “fat, fat, fat!”, the judges were clearly seduced by these beef short ribs. Specifically, the tenderness, the rich and long-lasting flavour and, of course, the covering of appetising fat.

Free Range Gloucester Old Spot Pork

We ensure that all our pork is 100% free range and sourced from the rare breeds of Gloucester Old Spot or Middle White pigs, from farms in the North Cotswolds. The pigs are able to roam freely in a stress-free, natural environment. This helps produce a more flavoursome meat, which we then dry aged in our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber for 6 days.

We’ve had superb reviews for this meat including, “top joint, great flavour” when describing the “juicy” spare rib of pork. The veins of fat lend this joint moisture and depth of flavour but also a succulent melting texture. The Gloucester Old Spot breed is well-known for producing top-notch crackling.

Free Range Cotswold Lamb

All our lamb comes directly from our own farms, Hillview Farm in Gretton and farms in the North Cotswolds. The lamb is completely free range. The meat is dry aged on the bone for 10-14 days in our Himalayan Salt Chamber. The chamber draws the moisture away from the meat whilst the salt gently impregnates the meat, creating a salt marsh effect and producing a truly unique flavour.

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