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Lamb Hogget Chops (3-Star)

A fabulous looking chop with a good level of fat. The moist, succulent flesh melts in the mouth, releasing an excellent flavour profile, rich with clean lamb taste.  It has complexity and a well-rounded, smooth finish. This is how lamb/hogget should taste – allowed to mature to bring great intensity of flavour.

Fabulous, moist, sweet, with excellent depth of flavour. Fantastic size, the fact that the cut is not too thin means that it can be cooked to retain its pinkness inside.

A very handsome cut with rich and gamey aromas. Clean and sweet fat is softly flavoured with hints of meadow contrasting with the bold lamb savouriness. The flavours are full, indulgent, honest, rounded and deep with the character of the hogget showcased beautifully. This well-textured, succulent, and juicy cut delivers a really satisfying mouthful.

An attractive looking hogget chop with a good ratio of fat to meat. The texture was soft, succulent and melt in the mouth. We loved the meaty notes on the aroma which followed through to the flavour of the meat, which was absolutely delicious.

Longhorn Cote Du Boeuf (2-Star)

A fabulous looking cut of beef with a good ratio of fat to meat. We loved the beefy aroma which followed through to flavour, which, owing to the level of fat was absolutely delicious and very flavoursome. The texture was soft, succulent and extremely tender. A very memorable cut of meat.

Wow, as good as it gets! Excellent tender texture, the knife just cuts through beautifully. Just lovely. I wish I could buy meat like this from our butcher’s locally.

An impressive looking piece of beef with attractive Maillard colouration. The texture was tender and juicy, and whilst we enjoyed the flavour, we would have preferred more depth and linger and also
detected a slight gaminess that was a detraction.

A really impressive looking chop, expertly cooked with a deep, ruby red centre and richly caramelised finish. Mouth-watering aromas abound, tantalising the palate. Fully textured, juicy, and succulent revealing its subtle beefiness. Light grassy notes and soft savoury beefy tones are delicious, rounded and satisfying. However the meat lacks true depth of flavour and minerality which would boost its overall satisfaction.

Longhorn Ribeye Steak (2-Star)

A very handsome ribeye steak with lovely caramelisation. The texture was soft, tender, and very moist. We thought the aroma was delicious and enticing. There was a great depth of flavour which lingered in the mouth.

A very good-looking steak with great caramelisation cutting wonderfully soft and buttery. A great taste – meaty and flavoursome.

A good-looking piece of beef which has cooked beautifully with ruby red meat and a delightfully caramelised finish. Tender, juicy and succulent, the meat reveals its flavour notes on the palate. Fresh
grassy notes, deep savoury beefy richness with a contrast of clean, and creamy fat to complement further. A really satisfying and delicious steak.

This is a good-looking steak that promised much and delivered more. Lovely tender meat had a clean but profound beefiness that lingered long. Delicious.

Longhorn Rib of Beef (2-Star)

Good caramelisation around the outside of this rib. With delicious malt flavour, tender throughout, great depth of flavour. Good fat distribution throughout, a very tasty rib of beef.

Stunning looking joint of beef with excellent marbling throughout. The meat is very succulent and melts in the mouth and the marbling throughout is first class – there is some good clean flavour, but we would like more intensity of rich beef savoury notes that would come from losing more moisture in the hanging process. This animal has obviously lived a wonderful life to have such good marbling throughout the flesh – just need to look at the hanging process to lose moisture and gain more complex depth of flavour.

A fine-looking piece of meat that is beautifully cooked. The edges are crisp and burnished and the centre is rare and juicy. The melting fat was sublime. A truly exceptional and delicious piece of meat.

A truly impressive presentation. This joint cooks beautifully with creamy fat, ruby red meat and excellent caramelisation. The fat is creamy and clean and melts beautifully in the mouth. The meat is succulent, juicy and fully textured delivering rich and deep savoury beef flavours. Hints of grassiness add contrast and leave a clean finish. Lengthy flavours linger luxuriously, a delicious and deeply satisfying mouthful.

Longhorn Sirloin Steak (1-Star)

Tender, and an absolute joy to cut. So tasty and delicious, wonderful depth of flavour, very juicy. The proportion of fat to meat is spot on. Outstanding, well done.

Great fat to meat ratio. Cooked up really well and looks delicious. Fabulous meaty aroma. Cuts beautifully – fabulous texture. Fat and meat is slightly lacking in depth of flavour and meat was
disappointing with a tinny/sickly aftertaste.

Juicy, plump looking steak with good level of fat. The texture is succulent and gives a wonderful mouthfeel, but sadly the flavour is rather weak and lacks the expected rich, savoury, beef notes.

A good-looking steak cooked to a perfect point, retaining a rare centre and beautifully caramelised outside edge. Tender and succulent the meat breaks down easily in the mouth. Creamy and clean fat is pleasingly rich complemented by a fresh grassy and savoury beefy note from the meat. The fat and beef ratio is fair, resulting in a really tasty and delicious, balanced steak.

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PGI Sirloin Steak Pack

PGI Southwest dry aged sirloin steak. PGI meaning ‘protected geographical indication’ guarantees all the beef is from cattle that are native bred and born, reared, and slaughtered in the southwest. Proper Westcountry beef!

Available in packs of 6 x 8oz or 4 x 10oz steaks.

PGI Sirloin Steak pack of 6 x 8oz ONLY £30

PGI Sirloin Steak pack of 4 x 10oz ONLY £25

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