Now is that time of the year when we get to spoil the most special lady in our lives; our mothers! Succulent substitutes abound in combination with some timeless classics that are sure to impress Mum later this month. So in keeping with this most special of traditions, we’ve come up with a list of delightful Mother’s Day recipe ideas for you to try at home – enjoy!

 Longhorn Beef Burgers

Our 2016 Three Star Award winning burgers are made from steak mince cut from our very own Longhorn grass fed cattle. As the oldest breed of cattle, Longhorns are not cross bred or intensively farmed and produce a finer grained muscle in the meat and an intense marbling of fat which creates a succulence and flavour that is second to none. This is enhanced by our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber, where the meat is dry aged for 28 days, drawing out the moisture and enhancing the flavour. Lean beef is also rich in essential nutrients, including high quality zinc, vitamin B-12, protein, phosphorus, selenium, iron, niacin, and more!

Cotswold Diced Lamb Leg

Premium diced lean mince dry matured on the bone for 10-14 days in a Himalayan Salt Chamber. This is an essential choice for us on Mother’s Day because diced meat can often be used as an accompaniment for so many different dishes, whether that be tagines, hotpots, skewers, kebabs or salads!

Old Spot Chipolatas

All our pork is from the Native and Rare breeds of Gloucester Old Spot or Middle White pigs sourced from farms in the North Cotswolds. The pigs are able to roam freely in a stress-free environment which produces a more flavoursome meat. The meat is then dry aged in our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber for 6 days. We prefer chipolatas for Mother’s Day because they offer a lighter, slender alternative to the thicker pork sausages that many of us have come to know and love.

Cotswold Rack of Lamb

Our Cotswold Rack of Lamb is cut from lamb dry aged on the bone for 10-14 days in our unique Himalayan salt chamber. This draws the moisture away from the meat whilst the salt gently impregnates the meat, creating a salt marsh effect and producing a unique flavour. This is an impressive joint, a French trimmed three or four bone rack of Cotswold lamb, perfect for Mother’s Day Sunday!

We hope you like some of our Mother’s Day recipe ideas!  Martins Meats are an award-winning family butchers established in 2003 by husband and wife, Martin and Emma Gilder. Martin’s father and grandfather have been cattle farmers and dealers for many years.  Take a look at our website to find out more about who we are and what we do.

We don’t enter into competitions for any glory (although it is nice to win and be recognised), but we do enter because we believe it is the perfect way of showcasing our passion for our industry.  It’s also a great way to educate the public about how best practice and husbandry of animals leads directly to superior quality meat.

We go to great lengths to make sure that the farms we select our meat from, including our own, are of an exceptional standard before, during and after delivery of livestock. We are proud to state that this, combined with our understanding of meat and how to get the best from it, enables Martins Meats to recommend the best methods and recipes to maximise the flavour and tenderness of our meat and meat products.

 Find out more about the individual awards here: Great Taste Awards | Taste of the West



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